Version 1.0.5 is now available

Thanks for using Loiter. We are constantly making improvements in the hope of making Loiter more useful, more stable and more secure for you, the user. In this version we have made the following significant changes:

* Fixed interrupted and disappearing background notifications. 
* Notification sounds no longer pausing playing music.
* Friends’ Live Locations list now ordered by distance from present location.
* Expired first-person locations that are pinned to the LiverBar are now also pinned on map.
* Fixed Friends-of-friend discovery.
* Added “What is Loiter?” on login screen.
* Fixed accept friend request view presentation.
* Tapping friend request list now invokes friend request widget – accept by tick button option removed.
* Removed scrollview container for friend request widget.
* New profile picture notifications now sent to friend requesters and requestees as well as friends.
* Miscellaneous other bug fixes and enhancements.


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