HOW-TO #3 : Inviting friends to a meet-up

Loiter makes inviting friends simple. With just several taps you can invite friends to a meet-up anywhere in the world, including the places you have previously marked as favourites.

Start by navigating to the desired location on the map and find the place for the meet- up – like this great Chinese restaurant called ‘Beijing Dumpling’:

Tap the place marker and the point-of-interest pop-up will appear – like this:

You can also long-press on any (un-marked) location on the map – like in the middle of a park – to bring up the point-of-interest pop-up for that spot – like this:

Then tap the meet-up button (the middle one) and the meet-up organiser popup will appear – like this:

Then you select whom you’d like to invite and for what time but tapping the “select who to invite..” and “select when…” dropdown buttons.

Just tap a row to select a friend to like to invite (and tap again to unselect).

And likewise, scroll the date and time to select the meet-up time.

Almost done. You can also caption the meeting like this:

And then you are set to send off the invite. Your invitees will be notified of your invitation, which they can either accept or decline, or start a conversation about…

After you tap the “Send meet-up invite” button you will see at meet-up marker on the map – like this:

And a corresponding item in the Live Bar – like this:

Tapping either of these will bring up the meet-up pop-up – like this:

By tapping the “accepted” dropdown button you will be able to see who has accepted your meet-up invite and who has declined. There are also buttons with which you can set a reminder for your meet-up and , to start a conversation with all the invitees.

You can view all the meet-ups you have organise, as well as those you have been invited to, by tapping the meet-ups button at the top of the screen:

And then selecting either the “Invites” or the “My meet-ups” tab.

If you tap the row for one of your meet-ups you’ll be able to make modifications, such as changing the time, the caption and inviting more friends – and then tapping the “Update” button.

A meet-up can be cancelled using the red “Cancel” button.

On the other side, your invitees will receive a notification and will see a meet-up invite pop-up – like this:

Here they will be able to either accept or decline the invitation. After accepted there will be the option to set a reminder for the meet-up and after declining the invitation will be able to be deleted.

That’ s it. Happy meet-ups.

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