If perchance someone asks you what Loiter is…

Loiter is a NEW and exciting location-sharing app that allows you to post your location to select family & friends, share photos & more. Download now and give it a try.

Loiter is 100% FREE (and no in-app purchases) – we want to build a community of friends and family who are looking for a quick, fun and convenient way to stay connected.

Loiter’s main features include:

  • Share where you are with family and friends.
  • Ask your friends and family where they are.
  • Share photos of where you are.
  • Mark, rate and share your favorite places.
  • Organize and invite friends to meet-ups.
  • Chat about shared locations and meet-ups with groups of friends.
  • Discover new friends based on common locations.

PLEASE NOTE that Loiter DOES NOT track and share your location in the background. You only share your location when and where you choose. And only with the friends and family you select.

PRIVACY is Loiter’s #1 priority. The bottom line : we do not share with persons, other than those you specify, any information that you provide through Loiter that might be used to identify you individually, or allow your individual location to be determined, both past, present and future – full stop. Read more here: http://www.loiter.com/privacy.html

Additional details:

  • Loiter only allows you to post from your current location.
  • You can only select places that are in our current vicinity.
  • Any photos you wish to attach to your post must be taken right there and then. If you take a photo but move away from the location where the photo was taken before you actually make the post, the photo will expire.
  • Posted locations automatically expire when Loiter detects that you have moved away from that location. And the friends with whom you shared the location will be be able to see that you have left that location. NOTE however that * Loiter does not track your location – friends only see the location you share with them, and then only the friends you select for each post.
  • You can have multiple live location posts that have been sent to different groups of friends. But you can not have more than one live location share with any one friend.
  • The idea is that you share where you actually are at that precise moment based on your phone’s position locating capability (using the Global Positioning System or GPS) .
  • Loiter only allows you to post your location if your phone can pinpoint your location with sufficient accuracy.
  • Additionally, Loiter only allows you to chose actual places to post from if those places are sufficiently closeby.

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