HOW-TO #1 : Using Favorites in Loiter : “I’m now at Home”

One of the most powerful features of Loiter is favorites. A favorite is a location that you have selected and named and is represented on the map with a red heart marker – like this:

To mark a place as a favorite simply long-press at that location on the map and a popup like this will appear:

You can tap the text label to give the favorite a name – like “Home”, “School” or “Work”. Tap ‘return’ on the keyboard and then tap the blue heart button to set the favorite. You will then see a new labeled favorite marker on your map – like this:

The usefulness of Loiter favorites is that you can associate friends with a favorite and these selected friends can then be notified, with two quick taps, that you are at the location of the favorite. Your friends will receive a notification from you saying something like: “I am now at Home“.

Associating friends to a favorite is straightforward. Tap the favorite marker on the map and again you will see the favorite pop-up – like this:

Notice that there is now a grey button with the number zero – this is the number of friends currently associated with this favorite. Tapping this button will bring up a list of all of your friends and it’s here that you can choose which friends to associate with this favorite – like this:

Tap the blue plus buttons on the right to add friends – like this:

(Note : You can also associate friends to a favorite using the Manage Friends menu.)

How that you have your favorite and you have associated friends with it, when you are in the vicinity of the favorite, Loiter will display a quick-post icon for that favorite on the right side of the screen – like this.

Tapping the quick-post button will bring up the following alert:

Tap the ‘Yes’ button and the two associated friends will get notified that you are here – as simple as that.

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